New biogas plant

Under the title “New biogas plant - Citizens in Effelter advocate energy transition” sent the Bavarian television in the program “Frankenschau” a report on our Bioenerigedorf. Enjoy the View!

published: 30. January 2014

Gründung des Self-Sustaining Communities European Network e.V.

Regenerative energy, decentralized energy supply - the energy change is on everyone's lips and drives people around the world. This also Cities, Communities and institutions in Germany and throughout Europe. After one and a half years of preparation was the 24. Januar im Institute für Advanced Sustainibility Studies (IASS) in Potsdam der Self-Sustaining Communities European e.V. founded. Following Read all articles… »

published: 29. January 2013

Excellent business out of the county into four categories

About 40 Companies had applied for the award, was advertised in three categories and was awarded among others, the regional marketing Kronach Creativ. The Innocept engineering GmbH, Kronach / Neuses is the first winner of the Cranach Enterprise Award in the category “Foundation”. In the area of “Innovation” could Guntram Wolf GmbH woodwind instruments will be chosen as the winner from Kronach. Read all articles… »

published: 4. November 2012

Berlin heat in the Franconian Forest bioenergy

The bioenergy plant in Effelter is now also accents with Berliners. Explains a couple from the capital, why it has switched the heating their holiday home on the new concept. Marcus shakes Michael Appel (64) and Maria-Christina Lucke (60) from Berlin's hand. He welcomed them officially as “Customers” the bioenergy plant in Effelter. Appel itself is Read all articles… »

published: 23. April 2012

Oberfränkisches Bioenergy Village

REHAU reloads Effelter to spot a lesson from all of Upper Franconia were interested in the invitation of polymer specialist REHAU followed and learned together about the successful concept of the bioenergy village Effelter.   In a bioenergy village you would have to live. Then steadily rising electricity would- and energy prices are no longer any reason, to get angry. For about three years proves Read all articles… »

published: 25. March 2012

Japanese information in Effelter on renewable energy

A Japanese delegation is currently on "Power Trip" in Germany, to be in the bioenergy villages 2010 to learn about renewable energy. Besides Jühnde-Barlissen (Lower Saxony) and Feldheim (Brandenburg) it also led her way to Effelter. Effelter – A Japanese Hazzard. Eleven members of private environmental project groups from the land of the rising sun are the wet and cold today Read all articles… »

published: 10. February 2012

Community work of Wilhelm Thal – District Effelter

Effelter in the Franconian Forest nature park has been 2009 a bioenergy village and its power supply completely with electricity and heat from renewable energy sources. The start for the transformation into a bioenergy village 2002 with the commissioning of the biogas plant Effelter, to 2011 the only one in Kronach. With the involvement of the citizens brought from the beginning actively involved in the Read all articles… »

published: 3. February 2012

State Medal for the show village

Environment Minister Huber gives Effelter the Environment Medal. He praises the bioenergy village among other things for its value in rural areas. Effelter – The bioenergy village Effelter has been awarded yesterday as one of nine municipalities, the Bavarian State Medal for services to the environment. Some representatives from the region and Wolfgang Foertsch, Mayor William Thal, accepted the award from Read all articles… »

published: 20. November 2011