Special buildings

Church of St. Peter and Paul

The Branch Church St. Peter and Paul was about to 1400 built around. 1807 this construction was a major fire victims. During reconstruction, the church was extended by an axis. To date, no changes were made to the building fabric. The church is dedicated to the two Princes of the Apostles. But probably it was originally a

James Church, as the summer parish fair is celebrated in July on Sunday by James. Recently the church has undergone a refurbishment.

The artist Tobias Kammerer took it inside the- and exterior design. It presents the branch church today as a historic building with modern design.

Former school

1674 A school house was first built on the Anger. This building falls the fire 1807 victim and established a year later. Today, this building serves as a youth center and a space for larger events. The new school building, the 1957 was inaugurated, is now the clubs clubhouse available.

For a few women, the Protestant Dean offers youth center at the mill Effelter the opportunity for a side income.

Effelter mill

The Protestant deanery youth center in Dobertal was placed in the "Effelter mill". This youth education center also ensures, that the place Effelter beyond district boundaries is widely known.