A little history

In 1223 Effelter was first documented. The place name derives from the Old High German word "apholtra" and means something like "The Apple Trees". For several years it has refocused on this origin of the village name and apple trees planted since then reinforced in the local area to. Effelter was about to 1200 Founded around and originally belonged to the castle in meranischen Steinberg. Through donations or sales of the place came to the Bishopric of Bamberg and then to Klosterlangheim. From 1388 was the bishop of Bamberg again be master of the inhabitants to its rule ended with the secularization.

Effelter is a source Angerdorf in saddle position with Waldhufen corridor. Around the village green built around the original 15 Founding families, their homes gable end to Anger. The outer ring were the most development across the house standing barns. How to plan a car corral screened them so the village from Bering. Of the barns then run the individual floor strips, (the 15 Goods have been halved over the years, quartered and eighths) almost parallel to each other and dropped slightly terraced, up to the end of the district.

On the actual village green were three sources-a-days, were dammed ponds. Today is not one of them receive (Baier pond). Another pond (also fire pond) located northwest of the village towards Effelter below - Mill. Both pools were, in recent years z.T. prepared by personal initiative or by clubs again and repaired.

In the course of municipal reform lost Effelter 1978 its political independence and heard since the greater community Wilhelmsthal. Originally the village was through the country- marked and Forestry. Today, there are a few full acquisition- and part-time farmers. Some former farmers earn their money with the Forestry.