The technique

An energy village is always unique! To exploit all potentials site, the concept needs to be adapted to local conditions. The technical energy concept in Effelter consists of several components:

143 / Biodorf EffelterOne component, the existing in Effelter Biogas plant with connected cogeneration (CHP; 2×65 kWe) represents. In this system, the wet biomass is fermented, with the resulting gas flow is produced in a generator and fed into the public grid. The waste heat of the generator, water is heated and distributed through the district heating network to be built to local citizens.

IMG_9349To the remaining heat (especially in the winter months) was to provide a central Heating built in an existing building. This Wood chip with a total capacity of 500 kW is always switched, when the heat of the biogas plant is not sufficient. There are about a year. 750 Cubic meters (Srm) Wood needs. This can be effectively provided from the forests of the district Effelter.

143 / Biodorf EffelterAs an additional component to an environmentally friendly energy supply were in town approx 325 kW Photovoltaic systems (partly as community facilities) installed.

In conjunction with the existing wood heaters in individual houses and solar thermal systems, the whole village is almost INPUT FEED renewable energy. Not only that, It is far more energy produced, than is consumed locally.

The fuel logistics is another field. The claim in the bioenergy village is, to use as much wood as possible from the local area for the heating system. How this can be achieved, You can here read up.

Also first approaches to sustainable mobility are available. Thus, the inn Loeffler involved in the project “With the e-bike easily over the Franconian Forest Heights”. Front of the guest house there is an e-bike charging station, where a part of the electricity produced can be too much for Effelter fueled.