The central heating plant

During the planning, different ways were discussed by the construction of a new central heating system up to the conversion of an existing building. Ultimately a part of an existing machine hall near the biogas plant was converted to the boiler house.


The conversion of the machine hall turned out to be ideal, firstly by the proximity to the biogas plant, on the other, for reasons of cost, since the conversion work like plastering, Dress ceiling, etc.. could be done by the villagers on their own performance.

143 / Biodorf Effelter

As a complement to heat the biogas plant comes with a wood chip boiler 500 kW for use. The two heat sources are an ideal, because the biogas plant all year represents a nearly constant base load available and the wood chip provides the remaining heat demand in the transitional periods and in winter.

There are about a year. 750 Cubic meters (Srm) Wood needs. This can be effectively provided from the forests of the district Effelter.