The biogas plant

xxAs the foundation of our bioenergy plant is the biogas plant, in the predominantly grass silage (2 to/Tag), Of cattle manure 70 GM and feed grain (400 kg / Tag) usually lower quality fermented. It is a renewable raw plant, which is not influenced by mass cultivation of corn or other feedstocks, but in the cultures are fed, that here on the ridge, middle of the Franconian Forest nature park in 600 are to be found m, namely mainly meadows, that can be maintained in this way.

The high proportion of grass has been 2002 used. At that time, grassland was still described as inefficient substrate for other cultures to produce biogas. There was also little experience. The former investment was a high risk for the farmer family. The fermented slurry from the biogas plant is applied as a high quality fertilizer back on the fields and meadows, forming a completely closed circuit.