Effelter in the spotlight

npkc_Effelter - The most exemplary bioenergy villages in Germany are Effelter, Jühnde-Barlissen (Lower Saxony), and Feldheim (Brandenburg). This is the result of the nationwide competition “Bioenergy Villages 2010″. The three local authorities were on Wednesday on the occasion of the exhibition “ANIMAL EURO 2010″ held exhibition “Bioenergy Decentral” awards in Hannover and received prize money of 10 000 €.

The Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection (BMELV) thus mirrored exemplary bioenergy villages, at least half of their annual electricity- cover and heat demand from regionally produced biomass. The villages of the biomass should be as efficient as possible while, use sustainable and innovative. In addition, people should also be involved.

In the grounds, why Effelter is one of the most exemplary German bioenergy villages, it is: “The place with 280 Population is on 600 Meters in the Franconian Forest nature park. To him therefore particularly strict criteria in terms of sustainable resource extraction are. Starting point for the development of the bioenergy village was an agricultural biogas plant. With strong civic engagement were in consequence 2,4 Built-kilometer district heating network and a switchable each according to current requirements chips heating.

This infrastructure will be supplemented by private wood furnaces. Decisive for the selection of Effelter is the use of sustainably produced feedstocks, as occurs in the biogas plant (twice 65 kW) most Mais, but mainly grass silage from the surrounding heights, Cattle manure and inferior feed grain used. For the only wood chips from the district heating plant is used, the ash as fertilizer in the woods again.”

Wolfgang Degelmann of the Energy Vision Franconian Forest, is enthusiastic: “The joy is huge! For energy, the vision is the culmination!” Work, which was allocated to the project, had been worthwhile. “From the highest authority was recognized, that we have all made together well.” Effelter had encountered nationwide interest. The overall effect is 35 Bioenergy villages at the price advertised, including eleven from Bavaria. Besides Jühnde and Feldheim Effelter was awarded to. “Effelter was chosen mainly because of the sustainability of the project. Here you take the wood for the wood chip completely from one district. In the biogas plant of the grass clippings from landscape conservation lands again completely from one district”, explains Degelmann. The prize money will be put into further improving the systems engineering, also a part of it should flow in a hall as wood chips stock.

How's it going in Effelter more? “The Effelterer are very active. Already on Friday we make together a seminar on 'increasing efficiency in district heating networks'. And for the future hovers us to set up a gas station before electric”, says Degelmann. The heat problem is being solved, also the issue of electricity supply was well staffed. “But the largest energy consumption arises with the mobility. This thing will we face”, He is confident.

Call Marcus, Managing the bioenergy village Effelter GmbH & Co KG, Friday is still excited about the award ceremony in Hanover: “That was a huge recognition for us and encouraged, continue.” The topic of renewable energy is a very fast-, why would you necessarily stay in Effelter on the ball.

Those: www.np-coburg.de

published: 20. November 2010