Image video for the awards ceremony “Bioenergy Village 2010″

The place with 280 Population is on 600 Meters in the Franconian Forest nature park. To him therefore particularly strict criteria in terms of sustainable resource extraction are.

Starting point for the development of the bioenergy village was an agricultural biogas plant. With strong civic engagement were in consequence 2,4 built km of district heating system and a switchable each according to current requirements chips heating. This infrastructure will be complemented by small private wood furnaces.

Decisive for the selection of Effelter is the use of sustainably produced feedstocks, as occurs in the small biogas plant (2 times 65 kW) most Mais, but mainly grass silage from the surrounding heights, Cattle manure and inferior feed grain used. For the only wood chips from the district heating plant are advertised, the ash as fertilizer in the woods again.

published: 25. December 2010

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