New biogas plant

Under the title “New biogas plant - Citizens in Effelter advocate energy transition” sent the Bavarian television in the program “Frankenschau” a report on our Bioenerigedorf. Enjoy the View!

published: 30. January 2014

Energy change by citizens in Bavaria

While the so-called energy policy in Berlin does not come from the spot, work in the Free State on a tinkerer energy revolution from below. A report from Bayerischer Rundfunk from the program “Quer”, not only about our bioenergy village!

published: 3. March 2013

Village ” with future

The bioenergy village Effelter supplies itself with energy regeneratinen. A contribution of iTV Coburg on 14.12.2012. Villages such as Effelter are actually prone regions. Due to their remote location, they often have little future. Else Effelter, that has made a virtue of necessity. And can provide themselves with energy independent. And so the young Read all articles… »

published: 14. December 2012

Image video for the awards ceremony “Bioenergy Village 2010″

The place with 280 Population is on 600 Meters in the Franconian Forest nature park. To him therefore particularly strict criteria in terms of sustainable resource extraction are. Starting point for the development of the bioenergy village was an agricultural biogas plant. With strong civic engagement were in consequence 2,4 km langes Nahwärmenetz und ein jeweils nach aktuellem Bedarf zuschaltbares Read all articles… »

published: 25. December 2010

A fireplace instead 70

A report from the Bavarian television in the program “Frankenschau” from 15.07.2008

published: 15. July 2008