Excellent business out of the county into four categories

About 40 Companies had applied for the award, was advertised in three categories and was awarded among others, the regional marketing Kronach Creativ. The Innocept engineering GmbH, Kronach / Neuses is the first winner of the Cranach Enterprise Award in the category “Foundation”. In the area of “Innovation” could Guntram Wolf GmbH woodwind instruments will be chosen as the winner from Kronach. Read all articles… »

published: 4. November 2012

Berlin heat in the Franconian Forest bioenergy

The bioenergy plant in Effelter is now also accents with Berliners. Explains a couple from the capital, why it has switched the heating their holiday home on the new concept. Marcus shakes Michael Appel (64) and Maria-Christina Lucke (60) from Berlin's hand. He welcomed them officially as “Customers” the bioenergy plant in Effelter. Appel itself is Read all articles… »

published: 23. April 2012