Excellent business out of the county into four categories

About 40 Companies had applied for the award, was advertised in three categories and was awarded among others, the regional marketing Kronach Creativ. The Innocept engineering GmbH, Kronach / Neuses is the first winner of the Cranach Enterprise Award in the category “Foundation”. In the area of “Innovation” could Guntram Wolf GmbH woodwind instruments will be chosen as the winner from Kronach. Read all articles… »

published: 4. November 2012

State Medal for the show village

Environment Minister Huber gives Effelter the Environment Medal. He praises the bioenergy village among other things for its value in rural areas. Effelter – The bioenergy village Effelter has been awarded yesterday as one of nine municipalities, the Bavarian State Medal for services to the environment. Some representatives from the region and Wolfgang Foertsch, Mayor William Thal, accepted the award from Read all articles… »

published: 20. November 2011

Environmental Staatsmedallie for Effelter

Awarded the State Medal for services to the environment, the bioenergy village Effelter Award. Environment Minister Marcel Huber presented the award to Mayor Wolfgang Foertsch (CSU) and representatives of the village. Effelter's first and so far only bioenergy village of Upper Franconia. In a nationwide competition of the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection of the community has been the award “Bioenergy Village 2010″ Read all articles… »

published: 17. November 2011

Minister pays tribute to bioenergy village Effelter

The village community creams from again: Agriculture Secretary Brunner is a price, with the 3000 Euro is worth. Munich / Effelter – About prize money totaling 35 000 Euro is ten best land use projects can look in the Free State: Agriculture Minister Helmut Brunner in Munich on Tuesday the winner of the competition “Sustainable Land Use in Bavaria” awarded. 3000 Euro gingen an das Read all articles… »

published: 17. April 2011

Sustainable Land Use in Bavaria

A comprehensive and sustainable land management and competitive agricultural enterprises are essential objectives Bavarian agricultural policy. Here is the preservation and strengthening of agriculture and it is directly linked vital rural as an attractive and sustainable economic- and habitat constant readiness for change and innovation ahead. The Bavarian State Ministry for Food, Agriculture and Forestry led to 2010 the fourth Read all articles… »

published: 5. April 2011

Effelter in the spotlight

Effelter – The most exemplary bioenergy villages in Germany are Effelter, Jühnde-Barlissen (Lower Saxony), and Feldheim (Brandenburg). This is the result of the nationwide competition “Bioenergy Villages 2010″. The three local authorities were on Wednesday on the occasion of the exhibition “ANIMAL EURO 2010″ held exhibition “Bioenergy Decentral” awards in Hannover and received prize money of 10 000 €. The Federal Ministry of Food, Read all articles… »

published: 20. November 2010

Joy in Effelter

The Effelterer are grateful for the free program for “Bioenergy Village 2010″. Planning Director also congratulated the village of Hepple. Effelter – Marcus Appel sees the 10 000 Euro severe Award “Bioenergy Village 2010″ especially in appreciation of the effort and commitment of citizens, which was developed in the past three and a half years Effelter. “This encourages us, to go ahead and Read all articles… »

published: 23. October 2010

Effelter is bioenergy village 2010

Effelter / Berlin (dpa / lby) – The Franconia forest village Effelter in Kronach has been named the "Bioenergy Village 2010». The Federal Ministry of Agriculture is thus responsible places from, at least half of their electricity- cover and heat demand from regionally produced biomass. As the Ministry announced in Berlin on Wednesday further, this year were also the places next to Effelter Jühnde-Barlissen (Lower Saxony) Read all articles… »

published: 20. October 2010